The company

Adding value
to your molecules

Nanomol Technologies, S.L. is a privately owned company delivering:

  • Advanced solutions and technologies to obtain high-added value products by particle design and nanoformulation.
  • Advanced cGMP particle characterization services.

Nanomol Technologies, S.L. delivers advanced solutions to obtain high-added value products by particle technologies and nanoformulation. We offer our Proprietary Platforms for the formulation of innovative functional materials, together with advanced cGMP particle characterization services.

Nanomol Technologies was Founded in 2010 by academic researchers from Materials Science Institute of Barcelona — CSIC, having wide expertise and recognized excellence in the synthesis, processing, and study of molecular functional materials.

Located in the Barcelona Autonomous University Research Park, Nanomol is provided with excellent interaction with scientific technical services, academic research groups and biotech, pharmaceutical and chemical companies. Nanomol Technologies has developed and commercializes DELOS proprietary platforms, useful to innovate, develop or improve new and existing products in areas like pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, biocides and medical devices.

Our values


Innovation by particle design on pharma, biotech and healthcare products.

advanced technology platforms

Advanced technology platforms producing particles with outstanding properties.

Particle characterization

High-added value particle characterization services for analysis of raw materials (APIs), intermediates, final products.


Passionate about development and characterization of nanomedicines and particulate products.

high quality Development and analysis

High quality development and analysis services by following GMP, ICH, Ph.Eur., USP, ISO guidelines and standards.

Highly qualified team

Experienced and highly qualified team to become your best R+D partner.

environmental commitment

Commitment towards environmental and social needs, through technologies focused to generate better health care products in a clean and responsible manner.

Our team

Lidia Ferrer

R&D Director


Alba Córdoba

Technology Transfer & Business Development Director


Òscar Raposo

Particle Analysis Unit Manager


Josep Merlo

Process Engineer


Teresa Manich

Quality Assurance Manager


Lidia Ballell

R&D Scientist


Carla Castellar

Lab Manager and R&D Scientist


Ivana Malvacio

Scientific Project Manager


Dr. Lidia Ferrer is R&D Director of Nanomol Technologies SL and responsible for the design, monitoring and evaluation of experimental activities in our research projects, aiming to develop new nanomedicines and active ingredient reformulations. She received her PhD in Chemistry from the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB). She is expert in development, functionalization and physicochemical characterization on Small Unilamellar Vesicles (SUVs) and nanoliposomes. She holds as well vast experience in HPLC analytical development.

Dr. Alba Córdoba is Business Development Director and coordinator of Technology Transfer and scale-up activities. She holds a BEng in Chemical Engineering, Postgraduate in Technology Transfer and Innovation Management and a PhD in Chemical Science and Technology. Alba brings more than 10 years of experience in applied R&D, industry-academy collaboration and IP Management in micro and nanostructured materials and biomaterials for health applications.

Òscar Raposo is Particle Analysis Unit Manager. He is in charge of the supervision of measurements under costumer’s requirements and GMP compliance. He was graduated as Materials Engineer from the University of Barcelona and he completed the Master's Degree in Advanced Nanoscience and Nanotechnology at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. With a wide knowledge in Particle Size Distribution analysis, he manages Developments and Validations of analytical methods.

Josep Merlo is Process Engineer of Nanomol Technologies S.L. He works on the scaling-up of our technologies for the production of nanoformulations and nanomedicines from lab to GMP pilot and commercial scale. He is graduated in Chemical Engineering at Institut Químic de Sarrià and MSc in same field (Chemical Engineering) at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. In addition to process engineering activities, he is also in charge of the implementation of the Quality by Design approach in product development activities.

Teresa Manich is Quality Assurance Manager of Nanomol Technologies S.L. As QA Manager she is responsible of the implementation, maintenance and continuous improvement of Nanomol Technologies quality policies. Graduated in Pharmacy and having completed the postgraduate course of Pharmaceutical Quality Implementation: GLP-GMP, ISO and Validations in Pharmaceutical Industry at Universitat de Barcelona, she is provided with solid experience in GMP quality system and quality assurance, as well as analytical techniques including HPLC.

Lídia Ballell is an R&D Scientist at Nanomol Technologies S.L. She is in charge of the production and characterization of different nanovesicle prototypes in R&D projects. Lidia has an MSc in Drug Research, Development and Control at the University of Barcelona and a bachelor’s degree in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB). Lidia is at present developing an Industrial Doctorate in collaboration with Materials Science Institute of Barcelona (ICMAB-CSIC).

Carla Castellar is Lab Manager and R&D scientist of Nanomol Technologies S.L. She is graduated in Biomedicine and has completed a Master of Science in Biotechnology at Universitat de Barcelona. As a Lab manager, Carla coordinates and supervises the analysis and the development and validation of analytical methods under GMP compliance. She also collaborates in company Research Projects devoted to the development of new nanomedicines and particulate materials.

Ivana Malvacio, PhD, is Scientific Project Manager (TECNIOspring Plus fellow) at Nanomol Technologies S.L. She is responsible for the design, development and planning of cosmetic related projects. She got her PhD in Chemistry from the National University of Córdoba, Argentina. After that, she performed a postdoc at the University of Cagliary, Italy and also, she has a master’s degree in Dermopharmacy and Cosmetology from the University of Barcelona. As a consequence, she has substantial knowledge in the dermocosmetic and personal care sector together with medicinal and computational chemistry.


Executive board

Santi Sala Vergés

Supervisory board

Jaume Veciana Miró &
Nora Ventosa Rull

Santi Sala Vergés

Dr. Santi Sala is CEO and cofounder of Nanomol Technologies SL and heads finance, business development, marketing & sales and strategy divisions. He is former Research Associate at CIBER-BBN. PhD in Chemistry at the Autonomous University of Barcelona and MBA for Barcelona School of Management - Pompeu Fabra University. Expert in particle design for drug delivery and Nanomedicine, as well as in physico-chemical characterization of particles. Vast experience in management and commercialization of research & development results and derived Intellectual Property.

Jaume Veciana Miró

Prof. Jaume Veciana is Senior Scientific Consultant of Nanomol Technologies SL and cofounder of the company. He is Research Professor of the Institute of Materials Science of Barcelona (ICMAB-CSIC), Director of the Molecular Nanoscience and Organic Materials Department (MNOM) and Co-director of Nanomol group belonging to the TECNIO network. He is the Scientific Director of NANBIOSIS ICTS infrastructure at CIBER-BBN. He is an internationally recognized scientist in the field of functional molecular materials with more than 400 journal articles and book chapters and 15 patents.

Nora Ventosa Rull

Dr. Nora Ventosa is Senior Scientific Consultant of Nanomol Technologies SL and cofounder of the company. She is Scientific Researcher of the Institute of Materials Science of Barcelona (ICMAB-CSIC) and affiliated researcher of CIBER-BBN. Co-director of the Nanomol group belonging to the TECNIO network. Chair of Knowledge and Technology Transfer by UAB Research Park and Santander Bank. Scientist expert on design, synthesis, characterization and study of new supramolecular materials for nanomedicine with more than 60 papers in peer reviewed journals and 5 licensed international patents.