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Nanomol Technologies, S.L. is a privately owned company delivering: advanced solutions and technologies to obtain high-added value products by particle design and nanoformulation together with advanced cGMP particle characterization services.

Nanomol Technologies is also active in several European and National Collaborative projects. Specifically, Nanomol Technologies has been involved in several consortia to carry out the following R+D projects dealing with the application of Micro and Nanotechnology to biomedical and health care purposes.


Case study
Nº 01

Reformulation Challenge

A Biotech Company was looking for a reformulation of a protein with therapeutic activity for the healing of complex wounds. They were interested to have a novel drug delivery system integrating their protein, as potential...

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Case study
Nº 03

Particle Size Challenge

Particle properties such as particle size and morphology are usually critical quality attributes of APIs and final pharmaceutical forms, because they can be crucial to define the:

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