We develop new nanomedicine candidates based on small unilamellar vesicles (SUVs) and nanoliposomes, as new drug delivery systems with tailored properties, including biocompatibility, size, structure, addresability, and functionality. Our DELOS-SUSP technology is a simple one-step procedure to prepare this kind of multifunctional disperse systems in a highly homogeneous and reproducible way. DELOS-SUSP nanovesicles have outstanding structural characteristics, non achievable by conventional preparation routes, such as the thin-film hydration, widely used at lab scale. DELOS-SUSP process is readily scalable to produce nanopharmaceuticals for therapeutic applications.

Quatsuvs consist of nanovesicles formed by Self-Assembly of Sterols and Quaternary Ammonium Surfactants Salts easy produced by DELOS-SUSP. These colloidal structures have a broad range of applications in pharmacy, cosmetics, and materials because:

  • QUATSUVS are stable for periods as long as several years;
  • QUATSUV morphologies and physico-chemical properties do not change upon rising temperature or dilution
  • DELOS-SUSP is a green, robust and easy scalable productive process under GMP requirements
  • QUATSUVS provide efficient integration of actives (APIs and biomolecules) and easy functionalization
  • DELOS and QUATSUVS are enabling technologies for topical, inhalation and parenteral delivery routes