Traditional treatments of severe diseases, such as cancer, neurodegenerative or infectious diseases, generally involves highly toxic compounds affecting healthy tissues, and their uses in therapy are considerably limited by occurrence of dramatic side effects. New drug delivery systems and in particular Nanomedicine, the medical application of Nanotechnology, are promising alternatives to overcome the problems of the administration of peptides, proteins, nucleic acids and chemical entities coming out of the drug discovery pipeline.

DELOS platform consist of a sustainable and efficient technology for the straightforward production nanoparticle-based drug delivery systems and nanomedicines, enabling the development of new and advanced nanopharmaceuticals. DELOS platform is based on the use of compressed and supercritical fluids (SCF) as green processing media able to provide outstanding control of micro and nanoparticle structural characteristics with regards to size, shape and internal structure. Our bottom-up nanotechnological approach is a successful strategy to improve therapeutic efficacy and reduce toxicity of new or generic drugs. DELOS technology platform is an innovative approach of processing drugs and fine chemicals to improve their efficiency -bioavailability, selectivity, stability, toxicity- and enable their delivery by more effective and comfortable routes.

It provides manufacturating methods with less energetic consumption and use of environmentally benign solvents.


Unprecedented physico-chemical properties in micro and nanoparticle structures

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In order to take advantage of CF processing while avoiding the use of severe working conditions.

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New nanomedicine candidates based on QUATSUV and NANOLIPOSOMES

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