Nanomol Technologies is also active in several European Collaborative projects. Specifically, NANOMOL Technologies has recently joined two consortia to carry out the following R+D projects dealing with the application of Micro and Nanotechnology to biomedical purposes:


The idea of TheraGlio FP7 Cooperation project is to develop a multimodal imaging system for Theranostics (therapy+diagnosis) of patients bearing malignant glioma, the most common primary brain tumour. This technology will avail of new generation Microbubbles (MBs), in which development NANOMOL Technologies is involved, that can simultaneously act as drug delivery system and contrast agent for Magnetic Resonance Imaging, intra-operative Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound and intra-operative fluorescence microscopic.


The main target of this ITN network is the education of a new generation of scientists for the development, via breakthrough research, of two technologically relevant applications, namely two-photon microscopy (2PM) and two-photon polymerization (2PP), with enormous applicative potential in bioimaging, biomedicine, and rapid prototyping techniques. In this ITN, NANOMOL Technologies is involved in the scaling-up of Organic Nanoparticles (ONP) production processes to be used in photonic applications.