Over the last fifteen years, our founders have worked to develop and apply new technologies based on the use of compressed and supercritical fluids for preparing micro and nanoparticulate materials in one single process step. Compressed fluids or supercritical fluids are classified as green solvents and are being proposed as alternative solvents in many manufacturing processes.

These technologies allow the production of materials with high added value in the form of powders, dispersion or emulsion, with beneficial properties in terms of administration and application. They provide a response to common problems encountered in pharmaceutical development such as the low selectivity and high toxicity with which some active molecules act in the organism, the high dosage rate required, and further limitations such as a low bioavailability of therapeutic active molecules or their inability to penetrate biological membranes. The incorporation of therapeutic active molecules in micro and nanoparticulate materials is a very effective strategy in designing new nanomedicines:

that may be administered in more effective and convenient ways

that take the medicine directly to the therapeutic target without it becoming degraded along the way, whilst also reducing its toxicity.

that make it possible to administer fewer doses of medication to the patient and obtain the same effect.