Contracted research

NANOMOL TECHNOLOGIES offers R+D services and advanced technologies to generate new nanomedicines and solutions for drug delivery that improve drug efficacy, selectivity, stability, adressability and toxicity. We offer to pharma, biotech and cosmetic companies our DELOS Technology Platform based on the use of compressed or dense gas fluids to process and structure at micro and nanoscale APIs, biomolecules, biopolymers and other pharma or chemical ingredients. This Technology platform is

  • Environmentally benign
  • Easy scalable
  • Reproducible

DELOS Technology Platforma has very high performance to produce

  • Solid micro and nanoparticles with high polymorphic purity.
  • Micro and nano structured composite particles (active+polymer) .
  • Advanced liposomes and Quatsuvs as nanocarriers to encapsulate active molecules.

Our range of services runs the following change value to lead to development of new nanomedicines and drug delivery systems concerning our client’s products:

Feasibility studies

Studies of technical feasibility

Product development

Small scale production of the product prototype

Production implementation

Economic and technical studies for clinical production

Manufacturing clinical samples

Manufacturing (GMP) for clinical trials

Transfer agreements

Licensing agreements for technology transfer