Santi Sala Vergés
Managing Partner

Dr. Santi Sala is Managing Partner of Nanomol Technologies SL. Since 2007 he is Research Associate in the Spanish Biomedical Networking centre on Bioengineering, Biomaterials and Nanomedicine (CIBER-BBN). PhD in Chemistry at the Autonomous University of Barcelona in 2005 with a thesis on particle design using supercritical fluid technology, conducted at ICMAB-CSIC. Master's Degree in Management and Business Administration - MBA of Barcelona School of Management - Pompeu Fabra University. Expert in particle design for drug delivery and Nanomedicine, and characterization of particles by optical and electron microscopy, laser diffraction and dynamic light scattering. Author of 16 publications in SCI journals and inventor of 6 international patents, 3 of them under operation. Solid experience in the preparation, management and implementation of collaborative research projects involving industry academia partnerships (national and international programs - H2020). Managing and promotion of applied research activities of Nanomol research group in ICMAB, as a member of TECNIO network of innovation centers (Catalonia Government) since 2006. Vast experience in management and commercialization of intellectual property arising from research results, including their valorisation.

Lidia Ferrer Tasies
Technical Manager

Dr. Lidia Ferrer is Technical Manager of Nanomol Technologies SL. She received her PhD in Chemistry from the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) in February 2016 with the Doctoral Thesis “Cholesterol and Compressed CO2: a Smart Molecular Building Block and Advantageous Solvent to Prepare Stable Self-assembled Colloidal Nanostructures”. Her PhD research was conducted in the Materials Science Institute of Barcelona (ICMAB-CSIC) and was mainly focused on the development, functionalization and physicochemical characterization of QUATSUVS, a multifunctional platform based on Small Unilamellar Vesicles (SUVs) and nanoliposomes. Her thesis work involved the use of compressed fluid-based processes for the preparation of functional micro- and nanostructured molecular materials. Besides, during her PhD research, Lidia Ferrer enjoyed a doctoral stay at The University of Texas at Austin, in the McKetta Department of Chemical Engineering. As technical manager she is responsible for the design, monitoring and evaluation of nanoprocessing experiments in the framework of national and international research projects devoted to the development of new nanomedicines by means of proprietary technology platforms.

Jaume Veciana Miró
Senior Scientific Consultant

Prof. Jaume Veciana is Senior Scientific Consultant of Nanomol Technologies SL. He is Research Professor of the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), Director of the Molecular Nanoscience and Organic Materials Department (MNOM) and Co-director of Nanomol group belonging to the TECNIO network. He is the Scientific Director of NANBIOSIS infrastructure of MINECO Spanish Ministry, and Coordinator of Platform Programme of CIBER-BBN. He is an internationally recognized scientist with expertise in the field of functional molecular materials. He co-authored more than 400 journal articles and book chapters, 15 patents, and edited two books. He has received several awards for his research in Chemistry and Molecular Nanoscience such as Solvay Award (2001), Real Sociedad de Quimica Española Award (2004) DuPont Award (2005). His research interest focuses on Nanomedicine, Molecular Functional Materials and Molecular Nanoscience and in particular in the fields of molecular magnetism, molecular spintronics, electron transfer phenomena, and in the processing of molecular compounds as particles and on surfaces.

Nora Ventosa Rull
Senior Scientific Consultant

Dr. Nora Ventosa is Senior Scientific Consultant of Nanomol Technologies SL. She is Scientific Researcher of the Institute of Materials Science of Barcelona integrated in the National Research Council of Spain (ICMAB-CSIC) and affiliated researcher of CIBER-BBN. Co-director of the Nanomol group belonging to the TECNIO network, which comprises the principal centers and agents involved in technological transfer in the region of Catalonia (Spain). Since 2015, Nora Ventosa is Scientific Director of Unit 6 (Biomaterial processing and Nanostructuring unit) of NANBIOSIS infrastructure of MINECO Spanish Ministry. At present, her scientific and technological activity is mainly devoted to the synthesis of molecular nanocarriers for drug-delivery and to the development of new scalable platforms for the preparation of nanomedicines. Her research results have been published (>60 papers in peer reviewed journals) and protected under several international patents, some of them currently exploited by Nanomol Technologies. She was awarded with a Chair of Knowledge and Technology Transfer given by UAB Research Park and Santander Bank in 2009.